Onion and Garlic Help You to Kill Bacteria

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Do housewives know how to effectively eliminate the bacteria and viruses in the body in the daily diet, in order to achieve the effect of treating cold? Of course, it does not need to take medicine or go to the hospital. We mainly depend on our usual diets and these vegetables can help you to fight against cold.


Vegetables with the bactericidal effect mainly refer to the Bulb, such as garlic, onion, leek, onion, leek, garlic and so on. These plants are rich in broad-spectrum spinosad, having the effect of killing and inhibiting a variety of coccus, bacillus, fungi, and other viruses.


Among them, garlic can be thought as having the most prominent role. The main antibacterial ingredient—allicin contained in garlic can effectively kill the bacteria. It should be noted that, to make the garlic best play a bactericidal effect, eating raw is good. To eat several cloves of crushed garlic can effectively prevent the occurrence of acute dysentery and enteritis; if being cooked, the effect of garlic will greatly reduced.


In addition to onion and garlic, other vegetables also have some effects of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. For wild vegetables such as purslane, dandelion and so on, if you eat in season in spring and summer, it can not only adjust the taste, but also has the effect of disease prevention and health. In the vegetables we usually eat, there are also some having antibacterial effect. If squeezing them into juice to drink, the effect would be better. For the elderly and children, they are also more easily absorbed.


Like cabbage juice and cucumber juice, they contain selenium, which help to enhance the bactericidal ability of white blood cells in the human body, infection of the gums caused by periodontal disease have a certain effect. Tomatoes and other sour vegetables can promote gastric juice generated to increase gastric acid, thereby reducing the propagation of bacteria due to being lack of the secretion of gastric juice.


When eating antimicrobial vegetables, raw food or shortly fried foods are better. Onions, garlic, etc. can be used as a seasoning to add when making salad, or add before the dish is done, so it can give full play to their antibacterial effect. It is noted that vegetables, after all, are not drugs. They themselves may contain bacteria, so they must be fully washed before eating. Do not treat them lightly because they have antibacterial and bactericidal effect.

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Onion and Garlic Help You to Kill Bacteria

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Onion and Garlic Help You to Kill Bacteria

This article was published on 2012/02/11