Growth Hormone Treatment Side Effects - Human Growth Hormone Supplement Side Effects

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Growth Hormone Treatment Side Effects

Human growth hormone (HGH) supplements were developed in response to the needs of children and adults experiencing an abnormal lack of this hormone in their body. Because of positive results, many athletes found HGH as a way to increase their performance in athletic competitions.

Scientists also found out that older people can benefit from HGH therapy by slowing down the process of aging. HGH supplements have been used to improve low energy levels, slow muscle recovery and slow healing. HGH therapy has been proven to be safe when the proper dosage is prescribed, usually by a doctor. Your doctor will order a complete blood profile and study your medical history.

Based on the results of the tests and your history, your doctor will either prescribe or not prescribe HGH supplements for you. Using HGH supplements has its own set of side effects. Their severity however, depends on the supplement dosage taken. Large doses can lead to above normal levels of HGH in the body and cause negative side effects. So if you are thinking of taking HGH supplements and do not want to experience the negative aspects, you would need to take lower doses. You do not need to mega dose HGH. Growth Hormone Treatment Side Effects

It is always advised however to talk with your doctor or health care provider before starting to take this supplement. He or she can recommend the right dosage for your age. Some people have experienced allergic reactions to some ingredients of HGH supplements. They have reported experiencing tightness in the throat or chest, chest pain, itchy skin and skin rashes. If you have any of these symptoms after taking HGH supplements, you must stop and immediately contact your health provider or doctor.

Children and adults taking human growth hormone replacement therapy to increase their HGH to normal levels will not or rarely experience negative side effects. Older people and athletes who have normal HGH levels but want to raise it however, are at risk for the negative side effects.

Negative side effects include diabetes, edema (water retention) in the extremities, arthralgia or joint pain, hypertension, carpal tunnel syndrome, and enlargement of the mammary glands (gynecomastia). In some extreme cases, Hodgkin's Disease and colon cancer have been observed.

Also included in the negative side effects are abnormal growth of facial bones (which in some cases can change entirely the look of the face), kidney and heart damage, usually enlargement of the organ. Some negative side effects such as edema or carpal tunnel syndrome can be relieved by discontinuing HGH supplements while some negative effects can be serious and be even irreversible such as kidney and heart damage. Since these can be life-threatening, you should weight the benefits against the risk of side effects before starting to take HGH supplements. Growth Hormone Treatment Side Effects

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Growth Hormone Treatment Side Effects - Human Growth Hormone Supplement Side Effects

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This article was published on 2010/09/11