Full Moon And Lunar Effect

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There were countless studies and researches done with the intentions of understanding deeper about the lunar effect. Yes there were experiments carried out to test the inference but none of them have proven anything very significant to warrant a confirmation of causal relationship between moon phases and human behavior. The main discovery was probably the slight influence of moon onto the global temperate thus affecting the plant growth. Although it seems to be a non-existent correlation, there are certain communities who still insist that there is strong connection with the lunar phases with humans fertility and womens menstrual cycles. In fact, they have some scientific explanation to support their stand.

These groups of people accepted the mentality that the light from the moon is capable of affecting a womans fertility, like how it happens in corals. The lunar effect, from the judgment of science is too minor a source to be deemed to have significant effect on womens lives. It is very likely similar to say that the moon gravitational hauls has no or only minimal effect on womens ovulation processes. Scientifically studied and proven, the average menstrual cycle of a woman is 28 days but this figure is not fixed for all as every human portray different body system. But what is contradicting is that the lunar month marks a period of 29.53 days instead of 28 so they are clearly not identical, unlike what has been claimed by those believers.

These mythmakers created the belief that during the olden days, women had their rhythmic cycle in sync with the lunar effect; however the indoor electric lighting and civilization have affected the menstrual cycle. Nevertheless, no one is capable of proving this inference up to this day. But it has been defied several times with the support that this statement appeared to be plausible but people realized civilization and indoor artificial lighting have not affected other mammals so why should they impact only onto human beings. Those who receive no influence are not in sync with the moon phases as well so in other words, it was a mere ancient speculation yet not proven.
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Full Moon And Lunar Effect

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This article was published on 2010/12/09