Botox Side Effects to Watch Out For

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Some people believe that Botox is the one and only treatment for wrinkles and other skin imperfections. Who can blame them, when it usually provides quicker results? Before you undergo the treatment, though, it is advisable to learn more about Botox side effects to avoid surprises.

Botox Explained

Botox is the procedure of injecting the toxin: "botulinum" into the skin to combat problems like wrinkles, sagging skin, blemishes, etc. "Botulinum" works by relaxing the muscles on the face as it gets in the way of the signal transmission process between the nerves and the facial muscles.

Of course, when these muscles do not work, wrinkles on the skin and other effects brought about by aging are noticeably reduced. Results may last for three months up to half a year, meaning that the injections have to be repeated several times to maintain skin rejuvenation.

A Look at the Side Effects of Botox

The process of Botox has risks like any other treatment. There are what experts call general and "local" Botox side effects, with the local kind observed in the area where the toxin is injected. The side effects may actually be dependent on the dosage of the toxin given, how often the injections were performed, and most importantly, the amount of experience your doctor has.

Local side effects include inflammation, pain, and sometimes, the bruising of the injected area. These, however, are temporary in nature, and are more often than not expected to disappear several days after the procedure. General side effects, on the other hand, may include any or a combination of: respiratory infection, nausea, headaches, pain on the neck, and many more.

The more serious side effects of Botox arise when there is an overdose of toxin or when the toxin is injected improperly or infused into a muscle that is inappropriate. For example, the wrong injection on the eye area may bring about a condition called "droopy lid"; exceeding the normal amount of toxin injected into your neck can result to swallowing difficulties. Other very grave side effects include the body's paralysis, especially if the drug used is not FDA-approved.

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Botox side effects, particularly the grave ones, should be feared. It is truly essential for your doctor to really be an expert on Botox treatments as well as have a good reputation to help you avoid being affected by the various complications that may occur from having Botox injections.

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Botox Side Effects to Watch Out For

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This article was published on 2010/04/03